state-of-the-art production facility


Who we are

We’re the people behind Spero Pictures, the award-winning production company based in Redding, CA.

Why we are

We see a need for a state-of-the-art production facility in the North State to provide top-notch production services that rivals the best in Hollywood.

Where we are

Strategically placed halfway between Hollywood and Seattle, this facility offers everything you need to create and tell your story.

How it starts

We’ve already secured the building. Now we’re looking into transforming it into the production facility it was meant to be.

the stage

What does a world-class production hub need? How about world-class sound stages equipped with everything you need to produce the best content for your next project!

skyvue theater

Sykvue Theater is a luxury, 125-seat screening room with 3D digital projection. Originally installed in 1984 it is the room where the Redding locals have enjoyed cinema for years.  The theater is also available to outside productions using the Studio Space for screenings and dailies. The name is an homage to the drive-in theater that ran on Hilltop Drive. The theater will be available for film screenings to the general public, private screenings, and screenings of production dailies. Patrons will be able to purchase food and drink from the cafe in the lobby.

Of all the paths you take in life,

make sure a few lead you to the mountains.

Not only do we have all the tools you need to get your project done from start to finish, but the inspiration to change the world through storytelling.

Spero Post

AKA "The Post Office" is a video finishing studio located in Redding, California. Spero Post will be outfitted by Key Code Media and offers offline editorial, color correction, online/conform, & VFX.

Peacemaker Sound

Owned by JM Fridenmaker. Space to be outfitted by Studio 440 or Key Code Media for sound design and location sound.

Office Spaces

Available for lease to creative partners such as SEO Companies, Branding Firms, Website Design Companies, Salon/Makeup Artists, Wardrobe/Apparel, or Freelance Filmmakers.

explore the vision

Take a peek inside our planned vision for the facility.

why shasta county?

Let me tell you why. Better yet, let me show you.


360 Park Marina Dr., Redding, CA 96001

Sound stages


Our state of the art “Stage A” with double walls would be the only one north of SF and south of Portland. This 5,984 sq ft. (136ft. x 44 ft.) interior studio space has 28 ft. ceilings. A green and white cyc with green rooms available across the hallway and a 20×20 retractable loading door. The loading door has outdoor parking for a 5-ton Grip Trailer. Sound Stage A could potentially double as an event space for local events.

Stage B would be 1,225 sq ft. (35×35) with 28 ft ceilings and a 13×10 roll up loading door. Sound Stage B is best suited for smaller Video Production, Photography and product shoots including talking head, 2-3 people interviews, satellite media interviews, and remote interviews. Stage B is painted black. White, green, & blue backgrounds are available and can be changed in minutes. Will also double as an event space for local events.



  • Senior Matinee Days
  • Family Nights
  • Date Nights
  • School Field Trips, YMCA & SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • Private Screenings/Special Events Rentals
  • Wrap Party Events
  • Screen
  • 4K Digital Cinema Projection
  • Barco projector, Dolby Digital Cinema Server
  • Dolby 3D system
  • Dolby Digital Audio 5.1 system
  • Formats: DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, PC


Theater #6 will serve as Spero Post’s video finishing studio as well as Spero loft offices.

Spero Post offers offline editorial, color correction, online/conform, VFX, in the form of 2 Edit Suites that include VFX, color grading and motion graphic capabilities


peacemaker sound

Theater #5 will serve as Spero Post’s Audio Dub Stage operated by JM Fridenmaker of Peacemaker Sound For Picture. JM has been working with Speropictures & Spero Post over the course of many years on film projects such as THE TRUMP I KNOW, STRONGER THAN CARR, CALIFORNIA UNTAMED, and a myriad of commercial projects.

  • PRODUCTION SOUND – Recording dialogue and sound effects on location.
  • SOUND EDITING Full service editorial of dialogue, ADR, sound effects, and music.
  • RE-RECORDING MIXING – Mixing all elements to create the final sound track.
  • ADR/VO Suite (Automated Dialog Replacement & Voiceover) – Acoustically tuned with the equipment necessary to handle all ADR & VO work. Our team is able to complete quick & simple to complex projects. With tall ceilings and ample space in the sound-dead “live” room can afford a comfortable place to record such as Walla and Fullcast.
  • PodCasting Suite – Podcasting is a powerful, cost-effective way to communicate “face to face” with employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. Spero Studios Inc. offers advanced podcasting solutions for broadcasting to hundreds or thousands of people. We have the most robust offerings for individuals and companies seeking to stream audio and video to their customers, partners, shareholders, or employees, regardless of geographic location.

Office Space

Gross Lease Agreements will be set at $2.50 sq/ft.

Includes rent, utilities, custodial staff, private security, high speed internet, conference room & easy access to public spaces.


Secure gated parking available upon request for over 125 vehicles and free public parking up to 100 spaces.


$15/per day per vehicle

$25/per day per oversized vehicle

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